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"How frequently the reward of beauty is associated with the dignity of toil as
if nature consciously reserves her noblest effects for those who take some
trouble to earn them."
Sir Arthur Lunn

And so it is with Labrador. So rugged and primitive are parts of Labrador that
it is like stepping back thousands of years in time, a pristine world with an
enormous expanse of spectacular scenery, solitude, fresh air and crystal
clear water, a world rich in wildlife, history, hospitality, adventure and challenge.

Isolated from the rest of the continent, Labrador has remained one of the
world's truly wild places, an enchanting wilderness which will provide
you with experiences you will treasure. Summer or winter, on land or on
sea, at the kitchen table of residents, or on the highest peak, Labrador
offers you unique opportunities to pursue your interests and test your skills.

Labrador is steeped in history; a place where history invades the present and
many cultural aspects of life go on as they have for centuries. It is a land where
English is the main language but you will hear it spoken with the many charming
hiIts and dialects of the British Isles, Germany, Norway, France and Spain. The
intriguing sounds of Inukitut (Inuit) and lnnu (Indian) languages, as well as
French, are also heard and the musical mosaic will delight you with the most
unexpected and varied treats.

No where else in the world will you find such a rich and compelling combination
of natural phenomena, a wilderness, adventure and culture, all yours to savour
in the huge mainland portion of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Flowers River Labrador

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