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While Labrador is more easily accessible than most people realize, there are a lot of jokes about transportation, many based upon a certain amount of truth. It is best to schedule a little flexibility, not only to allow for a possible foggy day but also to allow yourself the time to take advantage of an unexpected invitation or special attraction.


Weather permitting" travel, pack ice and mechanical problems can sometimes play havoc with tightly arranged holiday plans, but just as often serendipity comes into play and creates high points out of delays. Water travel can be slowed by onshore winds keeping the pack ice tight to the shore. The awesome beauty of the ice and icebergs, coupled with a bright sunny day and a 'we're all in this together' festive atmosphere on board ship as you await a wind change,turns it into an unexpected adventure. When travelling the gravel road across Labrador you must be mindful not only of the abundance of wildlife, good fishing and beautiful scenery but also that the only gas station along the 464 km (290 mi.) route is at Churchill Falls. Local air travel is generally in small single and twin engine planes that can not fly after dark or if there is a tow ceiling or fog. When travelling in Labrador it is advisable to equip yourself with the schedules of all possible forms of transportation, for if it is too foggy for a plane, a boat might fit into your plans. Local residents often hop rides, going to unexpected destinations or take passage on a coastal boat just to visit with those on board, leaving when the boat reaches home again. A few inquiries should keep you posted on possible non-scheduled transportation as well. Travel in Labrador is not just getting from one place to another, it is a way of life, a social occasion and an

As well as scheduled and charter services there is a range of unusual transportation possibilities, limited only by your interests, time allotted and the season in which you visit. There is an extensive, expanding and unique winter-only groomed snow trail between communities on the south coast, open to snowmobile, dog team, ski and snowshoe travel. It includes a growing   number of strategically placed shelters for traveller convenience. When other means are not available private boats can often take you where you would like to go. Depending upon your spirit of adventure, almost anything can or has been tried for travel in Labrador except roller skates. A recent middleaged visitor spent 2 summers canoeing undescribed routes and then crossed Labrador by bicycle - no easy teat over 464 km (290 mi.) of gravel!


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